Thursday, October 2, 2014

Working West Seattle

My little community of West Seattle is such a special place. Vince and I call it "the island." That probably comes from taking the bridge to and from our part of town, but we'll often say to each other, "do you want to go downtown or should we just stay on the island today?" Most times we stay. Why would we leave when we've got everything we love and need right here from interesting shops and good restaurants, to a wonderful farmers market, and great local theater - not to mention beautiful parks and shoreline and the perfect city view! We've got it all.

I was so flattered when I was contacted by videographer, Mark Jaroslaw, about participating in a video project celebrating people who work in West Seattle. We have such a diverse and vibrant community. It's really fun to see what people are up to.  So far, I've watched videos of a dog handler, a tatoo artist and a psychic reader. All have been really interesting and well put together. Most videos include a bio about the person and you can leave comments too.

You should check out the site - Working West Seattle. He's planning to put together as many as 125 videos.

Here's the video that Mark put together of me! I'm the cooking instructor (just in case you didn't know). If you want to watch it on the Working West Seattle site instead, here's the link.

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